Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaning

The tremendous suction generated by our custom-designed equipment ensures the fast removal of waste and debris without stirring up dangerous particles or annoying dust. Metal chips, slag, steel shot, wood chips, sawdust, grain, mill scale, slurries, sludge and water are just some of the materials that can be removed quickly and efficiently – no matter where it’s located.

Our vacuum vehicles operate at 3200 to 7500 cfm and at 18 to 27 inches of Mercury, and can move very heavy, wet or dry sludge long distances. A bag house unit filters and controls the air discharge for the vehicle, as well as an ancillary option of a HEPA filter unit that filters the air from the vehicle before it is discharged into the atmosphere. In addition, some of our vacuum vehicles have remote cyclone units attached that discharge the vacuumed material directly into a vessel of your choice, saving substantial time and money.

Our fleet of vacuum vehicles includes those equipped with hydraulic sludge pumps and vacuum roll-off equipment that allow cost-effective simultaneous vacuuming and offloading of material.