Spincast Cement Pipe Rehab

A corrugated metal pipe has a lifespan of about 30 years.  Most storm water infrastructure in the US is older than that.  Structural fatigue om aging storm water systems results from traffic loading and invert deterioration.  Corrosion, abrasion, and water retention cause leaking joints through pipe separation. 

The primary cause of corrosion in a storm water pipe is standing water. In addition, sulfate rich soil will lead to corrosion from the outside of the pipe. A deteriorated storm water pipe may collapse, blocking flow which can result in sinkholes, flooding, and traffic disruptions.

Our spincast pipe rehab system uses a specially formulated, fiber-reinforced cementitious mixture designed for rehabilitating corrugated metal pipes, culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins, and other storm water structures.

The cementitious mixture is centrifugally cast using a specially designed mixing system and spinning nozzle.  For severe invert deterioration, a high performance, self-consolidating grout is placed before the application of the cement.  The repaired invert ensures that the spincast cement layers are evenly applied to the storm water structure, providing a structural solution without any costly excavation.