Alabama Cured In Place Pipe Job by Video Industrial Services, Inc.

Video Industrial Services, Inc. (VIS) teamed up with Bionomic Services, Inc. (BNS) on a district-wide Alabama transportation project. VIS has been performing CIPP lining on this project in the 15”-24” range, but this work order required emergency 36” diameter CIPP lining, which is above the size that we can do with our existing equipment. BNS was able to send their large diameter CIPP lining crew and equipment and install the CIPP liner in a single shift, installing 170 LF of 36” CIPP lining into a damaged RCP storm drainpipe under a busy section of highway. VIS performed the pipe cleaning, CCTV inspection, and dewatering to prepare for lining. This is the 2nd large diameter CIPP lining project that VIS has teamed up with BNS on, with several more scheduled in upcoming weeks.